Vintage Cookie Cutter

Todays blog is on a vintage cookie cutter I picked up in the houseware section of a local secondhand store. Initially, I thought it would look cute hanging from my kitchen wall since it has a hole for hanging. Because I already have a mini vintage tin pie plate hanging there a cookie cutter would fit in.

Description of Vintage Cookie Cutter

My cookie cutter is a primitive antique metal tin with a flat back of a man walking with a top hat. Perhaps it was used to make gingerbread cookies. It looks like it was soldered on to the base. It has one large hole where the eye should be.

I think this hole was used as an air release so once you cut the cookie, you could get it out of the cutter.

It is a very large cookie cutter about 10″ x 5.5 inches. Actual cookie measures 8 3/4 x 4 inches and the shape is about one-half inch tall. It would use a lot of dough to make this cookie.

Displaying Cookie Cutters

One year, I actually decorated my house with a charming cookie cutter Christmas theme. However, you can display a cookie cutter collection all year long on a tray or bowl. Fill a large glass jar or canning jar full of cookie cutters. You can also hang them on a dowel or string.

Vintage Tin Cookie Cutter

Ending Notes:

To sum things up, in the 1930’s to about the 1950’s, cookie cutters were made out of aluminum. They could be silver toned or copper toned. Usually they had a metal band or handle on the back. Earlier cookie cutters had a red or green wooden handle.

So, I remember one time making sugar cookies with my mom using a cooper toned gingerbread cookie cutter. No, we never liked the taste of gingerbread.

Then, in the 1950’s plastics were all the rage and cookie cutters were made out of colored plastics.

Since the very old cookie cutters of tin were soldered with lead, it is not recommended to use them to cut cookies.

So, checking online I find photos that look like my cookie cutter priced at $44 to $300. To get more information on this sweet issue, I’ve contacted the President of the Cookie Cutter Collectors

I’ll let my Readers know if I find out any additional information.

Love those Vintage Cookie Cutters!

Update: 5-25-2023 – I immediately heard back from the Cookie Cutter Collectors Club and the President said she would put the photo on their Facebook site to see if anyone knows anything about it. Hum . . Presently not on Facebook, but will find a way to check it out.

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