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Secondhand Bargains

I’m always into saving a dollar or two because those secondhand bargains savings add up in the long run.

Box of Yellow Candles, Secondhand Bargains Special

So, what did I purchase today? Well, first of all with the Thanksgiving day holiday approaching, I bought a new box of yellow candles for $4 but they would have ran closer to about $8 to 15 a box new. They will look great with my fall table setting this year.

For holidays, I love to have candles during my special dinners. With candles, the dinner takes on an elegant tone. Yellow might be an odd color choice for candles, but they will work nicely for fall décor and for only $4 a box, I’ll find some uses for them.

Please check back with FMB blog to see how we will be celebrating Thanksgiving this year.

Junk Store Purchase

These 12″ long candles came in a box of 12.

They are also smokeless and dripless.

Glass Soap Dish

The next item I purchased was a frosted glass soap dish for $2. I was a little surprised on how expensive a nice glass soap dish is ranging anywhere from $10 to $25 and up.

There is also a nice selection of vintage soap dishes available online which run slightly more.

This is only one of the great secondhand bargains I found.

I’m going to get a little plastic insert for the bottom of this soap dish to keep the soap dry.

This soap dish will go into my second bathroom and replace the old plastic soap dish.

Carved Alligator Figurine

The next purchase I’m blogging about is an alligator figurine made out of soapstone. He’s a scary looking beast but also adorable in his own right.

I love learning about alligators in the wild. The alligator art piece was originally priced at $6 but I purchased him during a 50% off sale so he was only $3.

Alligator Soapstone Figurine

Spoon Rest Bottle

I also purchased a melted green wine bottle for $1.50. This is way below what I would pay for it in a real home goods store or craft show.

There is a video online on how to melt glass bottles as you need to fire them in a kiln for 24 hours in a special tray.

The back of the bottle has been slightly roughened up so it doesn’t slide from the counter top.

I find these melted bottles quite handy to use as spoon holders near my stove or for the spoons I use to stir my coffee with in the mornings. I keep the counter clean that way.

I’ve, also, seen them sold as soft cheese dishes with a cheese spreader attached. Probably priced anywhere from $8 to $25 when purchased at a craft fair.

junk store

These bottle trays are easy to keep clean.

Hand wash with dish soap and water.

Matching Wine/Champagne Glasses

Although I currently own eleven matching wine/champagne glasses, I found a couple more for $1 each.

The two new glasses are almost a match but not quite. Only I know the difference. My old glasses are slightly taller and made of a better glass with more sparkle to it.

See if you can tell the difference by the photograph below.

Answer: The two new glasses are on the left and middle of this photograph.

Ending Notes from Secondhand Bargains Shopping Trip

I hate to blog and run, but I must. I know you enjoyed seeing my secondhand purchases and hope you consider buying “recycled” items for the holidays.

Your act of buying recycled items reduces the amount of space needed for landfills and is good for the earth.

So, see you later alligator and thank you for reading Farmhouse Magic Blog.com

If you celebrate Thanksgiving, remember to Defrost your Turkey!

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