Charming Cookie Cutter Christmas

Who doesn’t love to see a plate of holiday cookies decorated in red and green?

Every time I watch a holiday movie, you can be sure the actors are making or decorating cookies.

It is only the next step to include cookie cutters in my holiday decorating blog.

Cookie Cutter Storage Jar Cookie Cutter Storage Jar

This year I emptied my large glass jar container and placed some of my cookie cutters in it.

I added a large red bow to the top to keep things festive.

However, don’t look too closely as I also have Valentines Day and Halloween cookie cutters in the jar.

The lid keeps the cookie cutters dust free until I am ready to start my Christmas cookies.


I purchased these mini cookie cutters years ago.  I believe I added the thin red ribbon to hang them from my Christmas tree.

I always put them on the tree because there is no breakage if they fall and they are easy to store.

They are also small enough to fill in the blank areas of the tree.

Mini Cookie Cutter on Tree Mini Cookie Cutter on Tree Gingerbread Men Cookie Cutters in Toy Wagon Gingerbread Men Cookie Cutters in Toy Wagon

Take a closer look at the above photograph and you will see a couple of large gingerbread men cookie cutters taking the wagon for a ride.

Decorative Cookie Cutter Jar Decorative Cookie Cutter Jar

If you would like to share a favorite sugar cookie recipe, please feel free to leave the recipe below.  Thank you and have a cookie cutter kind of day.

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