I am currently working on a Faux Food Crafting Booklet.

This booklet will give detailed instructions and photographs for those who want to make faux food.

Whether you need faux food for home decoration, restaurant, bakery, or market displays, aids for teaching, shopping mall displays, work with museum settings, model room displays, stage settings, or movie industry props you will find helpful directions to make inexpensive realistic looking faux foods.

Please contact me via email at Pat@farmhousemagicblog.com for more information or if you would be interested in taking my class.

How to Make Faux Cookies, Pies and Candy Out of Clay

Faux Leaf Cookies on Serving Dish
Faux Chocolate Cookies
Faux Chocolate Cookies
Faux Fuge with Nuts
Faux Fudge with Nuts
Faux Pie

How to Make Faux Cakes out of Circular Cardboard Boxes

Faux Cakes on Cake Stands
Faux Iced Cakes
Faux Iced Cakes

How to Make Corn Bread Stuffing and Chocolate Cake Rolls out of Recycled Packing Sponges

Faux Cake Roll on Platter
Faux Bread Stuffing

How to make Faux Jams and Jelly from Recycled Candles

Faux Strawberry Jam
Top view of Faux Jam

How to Make Faux Gravy and Ham Out of Cardboard & Styrofoam

Faux Gravy in Gravy boat
Faux Ham and Real Ham Slice