New Grocery Store

Lidl is a new grocery store chain which recently opened in our area. Apparently, there were quite a few shoppers on the first day it was open.

I have four grocery stores in my immediate area, and this one is a bit further from my home.

Brief History of Lidl, the New Grocery Store

Apparently, in reviewing their website, the full name of the store is Lidl US. Back in 1973, the first Lidl location opened in Ludwigshafen, Germany. It only employed three workers and sold about 500 products. During the 1990’s they began to expand and open stores outside of Germany. So they now, actually, operate in 32 countries.

Lidl offers customers produce, baked goods, meat and household products. Their U.S. Headquarters are located in Arlington, VA.

Yellow Lawn Chairs, Lidl, 5-19-2023

Shopping Experience

The store sells quite a bit of their own private labels items, approximately 80% according to their web site. Instead of stocking the shelves item by item, the items are placed on the shelves with the boxes they arrive in. This apparently keeps costs down for consumers. Also, you can bring you own bags but they have bags should you need them.

Lidl offers unusual items like frozen battered calamari rings, jalapeno flavored green olives, and garlic clovers with herbs in sunflower oil. They also offer seasonal merchandise like summer scent candles, men’s swim trunks, sunglasses, live plants and inflatable pool items.

I only purchased a few things on this shopping trip such as eggs, crackers, flavored water and a package of their store band cookies.

I tried their Butter Almond Thin cookies imported from Belgium and found them to be quite tasty and crisp. Unfortunately, that is the only Lidl store brand item I purchased and can comment on.

Lidl Parking Lot, 5-19-2023

Ending Notes on the New Grocery Store – Lidl

It is always nice to have another store to shop in.

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