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As a teen, I loved taking pictures with a cheap camera.  Sometimes I would get a good photograph.

Fresh Pomegranate and Orange Salads

When I grew up, I worked full time in a basement of a hospital while putting myself through college.

When I picked up my college degree, I had totally paid off all my college debts without ever taking out a loan.

Then I married, left my family, friends, home, and job.

Little did I know I would meet my “farmhouse” in the most unlikely urban place.

Large Selection of Holiday Wreaths

Our Story

Carrots and Beets

I volunteered to give farmhouse tours and, before long, I knew I had found my true passion.

As a farmhouse docent, I also learned by trial and error how to make faux food for the museum displays.

I learned about history, antiques and preserving the past.

Faux Chocolate Cookies Pot Luck Items Ready for Transport

Well here’s the part that gets a little crazy, because I was never a computer person but . . .

Fountain in the Rows of Ornamental Cabbage

I decided to learn to blog, write Farmhouse Magic Blog.com, and take all my photographs with my camera phone.

You’re not going to see a bunch of fancy, expensive craft projects or furniture on this blog.


Since I have an economic degree, I am going to talk a little about saving money.  I’m also going blog about gardening, cooking, local sites of interest, antiques, and awesome entertaining ideas using good old Farmhouse Magic Blog common money sense.


Spring Table Setting with Eggs Lots of no bake items I made for the bake sale.

I hope Farmhouse Magic Blog’s insights will help you live a better day and give you more options for doing things on a different tangent.

Remember our Motto, Live as Well as Possible by Spending the Least Amount of Money!

Thank you for reading Farmhouse Magic Blog.com!

Wood Buring Stove in Basement

Take Time to Read Farmhouse Magic Blog & Enjoy Your Day!