ReStore, Reston

ReStore Dining Room Set

On my last ReStore visit, an impressive dining room set caught my attention.

This wooden dining room table and six chairs has a mission design. The set is heavy and obviously well made.

Brief History of Mission Furniture and the ReStore Dining Room Set

After looking at this Mission design dining room set, I began to research the history a bit. Mission furniture has timeless appeal and started in the late 19th century. The furniture is sturdy, has bold lines and is solid.

People think of mission furniture being related to the Spanish missions of California, however, but that’s not really the case.

A leading figure in the Arts and Crafts mission furniture was Gustav Stickley (1858-1942).

Mission furniture was vastly different from the ornate and artificial Victorian style. The Arts and Crafts movement, with carefully handmade pieces, was in competition with shoddy mass-produced furniture of the time.

There was also the element of change and social reform coming about in the public’s opinion. Machine made furniture oppressed the working class in factories.

I expect this Mission dining room set will sell quickly to a lucky shopper.

ReStore, Reston
ReStore Dining Room Set

Cascading Fountain Top

The next item I’m blogging about is the top part of this cascading fountain consisting of three crocks flowing downward.

I don’t think this piece comes with the pump but it probably is easy to find one at a gardening store or online.

ReStore, Reston

This cascading water fountain would look great on a patio or garden.

How relaxing it would be to sit outside and listen the a babble of this fountain.

Unfinished Dresser

I always like furniture which you can add you own special touches to it like this unfinished dresser.

This unfinished three-drawer dresser needs a light sanding and then a couple coats of paint or varnish.

ReStore, Reston

Paint or stain this piece to match your room.

Ending Notes on ReStore Dining Room Set Blog

The ReStore is full of different pieces of furniture such as tables, chairs, couches, wall art, etc.

I spoke to Eric, one of the sales associates, about a large couch that just came in which was made of both leather and material. Very usual.

All of today’s blog pieces are available for purchase in the ReStore shop in the Reston/Herndon area.

Happy Shopping!

Also, a big Thank You to Paul for allowing me to blog and take photographs at the ReStore shop. The ReStore shops of Northern Virginia are run by the Habitat for Humanity.

Resource Sites: Wikipedia, Dallas Museum of Art

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