Monk's BBQ

Monk’s BBQ

We’ve been meaning to try Monk’s BBQ for a while. While volunteering over the weekend, I’ve was talking to a person who lives in Purcellville and Monk’s was mentioned.

Wow, what a perfect time to head to this BBQ place for lunch.

Menu Offerings

The restaurant offers smoke meats, local craft beers and bourbon. According to its web site, it is family owned, they offer catering, and gift cards. They, also, host live music over the weekends such as blues, rock, acoustic, bluegrass and reggae. The website has a schedule of bands.

Unusual Recycled Bench

The back of this unusual bench is made from a sticker covered truck tailgate. Informal and cute!

Monk’s offers such menu items as brisket, pulled pork, pastrami, pulled chicken, ribs, burnt ends, and turkey. Side dishes are Monk’s beans which are like baked beans with smoke rib tips added. They also serve smoked Gouda Mac & Cheese, potato salad, homemade dill pickles, collard greens and custard filled corn bread. For dessert, they have banana pudding a Southern favorite.

So, enjoy your meal inside or on the patio or deck areas.

This bottle tree is near the front door. It is also wears a string of colored lights.

Unusual Bottle Christmas Tree

Our Visit to Monk’s BBQ

Because it was a busy weekend for Monk’s, we ordered and sat outside on the patio. We waited a few minutes for an outside table but with good timing our meals were delivered as we sat down. From our seats we could see the meat smokers and smell the scent of BBQ.

I noticed Monk’s BBQ sauces have unusual names like Alabama White, Angry Texan, Carolina Mustard, House Sauce, and Raspberry Chipotle. One of the sauces I tried was the Alabama Sauce with has a nice hint of horseradish in it.

The BBQ sauce serving containers hang from a rod.

Monk’s BBQ Meal

We both ordered their slow cooked beef brisket. Apparently, the meat is spiced and then is cooked all night long. Our meals were came on brown paper covered reusable trays. I also had a side order of potato salad, while my dinning partner ordered a side of mushrooms.

The meat was super tender and tasty. I ate a couple of bites before I took this photograph. So, each lunch meal with one side and can of soda was approximately $18.

Monk's BBQ
BBQ Brisket and Potato Salad

Ending Notes on our Visit to Monk’s BBQ

Enjoyed our visit to Monk’s BBQ and our road trip to Purcellville.

Thank you to the nice lady at the Monk’s BBQ counter for allowing me to take photographs and to blog about it.

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