BBQ on the Patio

Today’s blog is about a relaxing BBQ on the patio while enjoying the company of good friends.

The patio table was set up with four blue and white plates with woven circular placemats. The silverware includes a wooden handle steak knife for the meal.

In the center of the table is a little greenery in a crock, but the verdant green lawn is striking. Also notice the red leaves of the Japanese maple tree off the patio.

BBQ on the Patio

Classic Wedge Salad, Refreshing Beginning to the BBQ on the Patio

The first item on the menu is a classic wedge salad with a wedge of iceberg lettuce, red grape tomatoes, crisp bacon bits, and dressing.

BBQ on the Patio

The Classic Wedge Salad has fresh ingredients.

Grilling the Steaks

As everyone enjoys their salads, the steaks are put on the grill.

The well done steaks are on the left hand side, medium to the right hand side, and medium rare in the center.

The steaks are grilling on a gas BBQ. Notice the nice grill lines.

BLT Popover Rolls

Instead of the usual BBQ buns, airy and golden BLT Popover Rolls are served. BLT Popover Rolls are delicious, and go great with the BBQ on the patio meal.

Popovers are made with eggs, milk, flour and cheese. The trapped air in the batter expands and produces a fluffy baked good.

What is the difference between a popover pan and a muffin tin? A popover pan has deep side walls and looks different since the cups are on a frame. This allows for good air circulation.

BLT Popover Rolls

Strawberry Cake for Dessert, Sweet Ending to the BBQ on the Patio

For dessert, Strawberry Cake with fresh strawberry slices is the show stopping end.

White Icing tops the strawberry cake.

Good food, good friends and a good time. What more could anyone ask for with this weekend meal.

A Special Thank You to our BBQing Couple for today’s blog idea and the great yummy looking photographs. Also, a big “ruff ruff” to Deuce.

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