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Little Thing in Pink

Today’s blog is about a small gift I received yesterday, a Little Thing in Pink, or a single iris stem. The iris has three soft pink flowers on one sturdy stem. I immediately placed it in a tall clear vase with water. Today, I noted the second bloom has begun to open.

It was only a small gift from a person’s home garden but it’s true little things mean a lot. This person loves to garden and volunteers at a local park’s garden. Gardening and volunteering are part of her life. This is one way she shares her love of gardening with others.

Iris Bloom in Pink
Iris Bloom in Vase and Clear Cake Stand, 5-5-2023

Little Things in Pink Mean a Lot

Why do little things mean a lot? For the answer to this question, I checked online. My research indicts that actions, words or small things we do each day really do mean something to others.

A spontaneous chat with a neighbor can help brighten a blue day feeling. This is because we are more tuned into the neighborhood and our neighbor. Making cookies with your children last only a hour or two but can mean enduring memories of that event. Even a walk in the park can be special.

Reading between the lines is what life is all about. If you have a partner share a smile, a pat on the hand, or have a good meal.

A lot of good things don’t cost money or at least very little money.

Pink Flower
Beauty in Soft Pink

Ending Notes

Small doses of little things make a life better.

Be sure to add a smile, thank you, or give a small unexpected gift to a friend, neighbor, homeless shelter, or someone in need of cheering up.

Even a single stem or a Little Thing in Pink brightens up a day. A delicate pink iris is a gorgeous flower. I love my pink iris bloom sitting on my dining room table, thanks so much!

Happy Day all FMB Readers!

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