Grand Opening Metrorail Extension

Tuesday, November 15, 2022, marks the grand opening of the Metrorail Extension on the Silver Line.

If you look closely at the above photograph, you will see the green Metro sign pointing the way.

This new infrastructure will connect the community to Dulles Corridor and airport. Apparently, there is a huge celebration planned at Dulles Airport to commemorate the opening. The new Silver Line Metrorail Extension goes all the way to Ashburn, VA.

Therefore, after decades of planning and construction, this is indeed a great moment. So, think what it will mean to future generations of those living in the Reston/Herndon/Ashburn areas–easy, fast transit.

The Silver Line Metrorail Extension is apparently funded by businesses and the toll road fees.

Dulles Airport Access

To the many individual travelers going to the Dulles Airport for flights, this is a quick, easy way to get there. It should, also, ease some of the congestion at the drop off points and save money when you don’t have to park your car in the airport short/long term parking lots.

The below photograph shows a couple of Metro travelers with tired feet. This is only possible because there was no other people needing seats. During rush times, every seat is usually taken so there is a ceiling pole to hang on to while you stand. Of course, some people stand up and hold the pole when their stop is approaching, so they can dismount quickly.

Sitting on Metro Seats
Tired Feet on Metro

Ending Comments on the Grand Opening Metrorail Extension

So, by next week, many travelers will be taking Silver Line Metrorail Extension to and from many new areas. I’m already predicting that the Grand Opening Metrorail Extension will be a huge success. The Metro bus stops have also been revised to accommodate the new Metro stops.

I think I need to take a trip to the Dulles Airport only for the fun of it. Who know what exciting travel destinations are on my plans for the future. Hum .m.m. . probably only Ashburn, VA.

Don’t forget to get your Metro SmartCard for the trip.

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