New Metro Station

Reston Town Center Metrorail

A few weeks ago, we drove past the under construction Reston Town Center Metrorail station to check on its progress.

There is already one Metrorail station in Reston, but I think the second location will be wonderful and very useful.

Metrorail Bus Stop

Update on Metrorail Station

This new station should be open at the end of this year. I can hardly wait to hop on and go for a ride.

The new mixed use, high density Metro Station is with in one mile of Reston Town Center which is in a walkable neighborhood with sidewalks.

Metro riders from other areas can get off and do their shopping or dining at Reston Town Center. There are parking garages in Reston Town Center, but this way you don’t have to look for a parking spot or pay any parking fees.

There is also an overpass travelers can crossover to avoid the busy roadway.

Metro Station
Buildings Near Reston Town Center Metrorail Station

Reston Town Center Metrorail Ending Notes

My friend and I talked about how it would be neat to take a ride on this new Metro Station to Tyson’s Corner.

Of course, this is a very close trip but avoiding the traffic and the convenience speaks volumes.

I could, also, go all the way to Washington, DC to see the sights although I have already seen quite a few of the tourist-type destinations.

So be sure to check back with Farmhouse Magic Blog for updates on this Metrorail station, as I drive by frequently hoping that the station will open soon.

For Your Information: I believe this is last of my photographs with my old camera phone. It has served me well over the years. I now have a new camera with a sharper focus but I am learning all the new phone/camera features, so please be patient with me.

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