Giant Pandas Return

Giant Pandas Return

Recent news reports, Bao Li and Qing Bao, two giant pandas return at the end of 2024, to the Smithsonian’s National Zoo in Washington, DC. The pandas are envoys of friendship between the Chinese and American people.

Bao Li is a male panda, and Qing Bao is a female, so hopefully, they will have panda cubs at some point. These two rare pandas are bamboo loving animals.

There are also giant pandas going to the San Francisco Zoo for the first time. The San Diego Zoo also reports that they would like to have giant pandas.

Renovations of the Present Giant Panda House

To prepare for the giant pandas return, the National Zoo is renovating the present panda area.

  1. A new rock feature will be added with shallow water pools and bamboo stands for foraging.
  2. Improving air quality and temperature control.
  3. The Panda Cam is, also, being upgraded. Note: I didn’t know they had a Panda Cam.
Pandas Return
Panda Sketch, 6-3-2024

Giant Panda Conservation Efforts

Now, the goal is to raise over 25 million dollars in donations for the pandas. These funds will help secure a future for giant pandas at the National Zoo and protect their mountain forest habit in China.

While federal resources cover their immediate care, support from visitors, members and donors fund the giant panda conservation efforts.

Ending Notes on Giant Pandas Return

Everyone seems to love those black and white animal ambassadors of good will between the two countries.

Until our new pandas arrive, their old home at the National Zoo is to be renovated and improved.

Giant Pandas–black and white forever. We are anxiously awaiting your return.

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