Large Black Snake

Oh boy, to this blog but on the way out of the yard, this large black snake was curled around my garden gate and fencing.

Although. I am not a snake expert, I believe, it is an Eastern Ratsnake. Which according to my research, is common in our area. The snake is glossy black in color.

Facts about Eastern Ratsnakes

First of all the Eastern Ratsnakes are found on the ground or in trees. They like forested areas, wooded lots, suburban yards and forested wetlands. They can grow up the six feet long. Wow, the one in my yard looks about 5-6 feet long.

For food, the black snake feeds on mice, rats, chipmunks, frogs, bird eggs, etc. Since they eat mice and rats, never kill one as they are very beneficial to the environment.

The Eastern Ratsnake is an excellent climber and swimmer. So, this black snake is not venomous. In captivity, it can live quite long up to 10 to 30 years. True fact, they are considered constrictive snakes because they wrap around their food to suffocate it.

Interestingly enough, they are often sold as pet snakes. You might expect to pay $50 to $100 for this type of pet plus a cage for it.

Large Black Snake, Eastern Ratsnake, 5-28-2024

To the Rescue?

Since it is always “Call of the Wild” around my house, I need to keep an eye on this large snake.

However, if it is somehow trapped in this wire fence or gate then, of course, I am going to have to rescue it. Note, not that I want to. But, so far, I’ve had to rescue “dumb” baby bunnies from my cellar window well and an ill-tempered snapping turtle which took a bite out of my hockey stick. Boy, no gratitude with that thing.

Ending Notes on the Large Black Snake

So, I’m hoping when I look out again, that big black snake will have found its way clear of that fencing and gate.

OK, let’s keep our fingers crossed with that one.

Please Mr. Snake do not hide out around my garden because I need to weed it. Thank you Mr. Snake.

Update June 3, 2024 – Sadly I found the black snake had passed away during the night.

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