Dazzling Astilbes

Now, it is time again to do a what’s growing in the garden blog including information on those dazzling astilbes near my front door. Actually, the real name for this pink flowering plant is Astilbes Vision Plant.

Pink Vision Astilbes

So, we are first going to talk about those gorgeous pink Astilbes Vision Plants. They were planted by our landscapers during the Covid pandemic and have grown quite a bit. Between the plants is a little gray stepping path. However, the dazzling astilbes have grown somewhat over into that area. It is now a little hard to walk through that area.

Grouping of Pink Vision Astilbes, 6-6-2024

Below is a photograph of the astilbe that had a tree root growing under it. The root was removed and now the plant is really vibrant. So much in fact, it is almost the size of the other astilbes. I wish I would have removed that tree root sooner.

I’m finding Astilbe plants easy to care for. They require water during hot spells. Right now, we have had a lot of rain, so I haven’t watered much.

This pink Astilbe plant is very attractive with pink flowers and a nice leafy appearance.

Usually I leave the spent flowering stems on over winter to give my yard a little color.

Dazzleberry Sedum Update

If you remember last year, we planted one Dazzleberry Sedum. It had a tough go of things as it did not flourish. I replanted it about three different times trying to get some of the wet soil away from the plant’s roots. This plant completely dies out over winter and there was only a few stems to it.

However, now look at all the new growth and blooms. This plant attracts butterflies as I’ve seen several in my yard near the plant.

I love the bright fuchsia color of the flowers on this Dazzleberry Sedum Plant.

Ending Notes on Dazzling Astilbes

I’ve already given all the above mentioned plants a watering of plant fertilizer with my green watering can.

I’ve, also, been busy trying to get all the weeds out of the flower beds. Of course, the lawn was also spread with weed and feed to kill that hard to tame clover.

Really, I’m very “Dazzleberry” happy with all my plants right now.

So have a wonderful day from Farmhouse Magic Blog. Don’t forget our five year anniversary of FMB is coming up on June 19th.

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