Refresh Patio Area

Fall Patio Refresh

It started out like a normal weekend, but then I decided I wanted to do a fall patio refresh.

Painting Patio Furniture

First of all, the patio was on the neglected side as of late. The seats on my metal patio furniture had started to slightly rust. So, it well past time, for a good spray painting to stop the rusting and to make things look good again.

I pulled the patio furniture onto a couple of old sheets which I use as paint drop cloths. Using a block-type paint scraper in the basement, I removed the loose paint chips. I then dusted things off and wiped down the tables and chair legs as they seemed to be a little muddy.

For under $20, I purchased two cans of flat black metal spray paint. I like to use the flat black paint and not shiny paint on my patio furniture but that is only my preference. I really shook up the two cans and sprayed a couple of even coats of paint over each piece. The items were allowed to thoroughly dry overnight.

Refresh Patio Area
Spray Painting Patio Furniture, 8-31-2023

Splitting Liriope Plants in Fall Patio Refresh

Because my two variegated Liriope plants had grown so large, I split them in two. In the above photograph, you can see the two large plants in the background. It takes a bit of work to split them. First, dig the plants up and use a shovel to break them into two or more pieces.

At that time same time, I moved some hosta plants back to the shade of the maple tree. The hosta plants were sun burned from the hot summer and obviously need more shade.

Immediately, behind the patio table and to the wall, I planted a row of five variegated Liriope plants leaving about a foot of distance per plant. I also had one Lirope which was overgrown by sedum, so I took that one also to add to the row.

Replanting Pieris Japonica “Little Heath”

Earlier, FMB had a posting of planting a Pieris Japonica in a large crock. However, now I decided I wanted to change things up a bit, so this plant was added to the my plantings. I placed it at the junction where the brick patio wall meets the rock in the shade. Apparently, Pieris Japonicas grows in the forest floor in Japan, so I know it likes shade.

This is a great little plant, is a slow grower and will only reach about 2 feet high and 2 feet wide. So, I think this is a ideal location for it.

Adding Mums for Color

My patio was totally lacking in any fall color, so these colorful mums were just what I needed.

The mums were on a Labor Day sale. I love the bright purple and yellow colors. A pop of color will look nice on the patio.

I used a square of landscaping fabric to place at the bottom of my large crock, then I planted my mum. The landscaping fabric keeps some of the bugs from crawling into the bottom hole.

Planting Yellow and Purple Mums, 9-2-2023

I am using two very large crocks for the the mums planting.

Refreshed Patio End Photo., 9-2-2023

Ending Notes on Fall Patio Refresh

After all the plants were replaced or planted, they were all given a good drink of water. I cut back some overgrowth onto the patio bricks. Then, used a broom to sweep all the dirt off.

Since we are going into a long heat wave, I’ll have to be sure to water the new plantings at least once a day.

But it was a happy day and I was glad of the new look for the old patio. Now to redo the other side of the patio but not right now.

Happy Fall Plantings!

Ending Results in Fall Patio Refresh, 9-2-2023

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