Dulles Solar and Storage

Dulles Solar

Dulles Solar and Storage project is the full title of today’s blog. I’m going back slightly in the month to August 22nd, after reading Chairman Jeffrey McKay’s online newsletter for this information.

Groundbreaking for Dulles Solar and Storage Project

So, the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority at Dulles International Airport had a groundbreaking ceremony for the Dulles Solar and Storage project. This will be the largest renewable energy project at a US airport. and it will provide customers with renewable and clean energy.

The project spreads out to over 835 acres on the southwest corner of Dulles International Airport. They are looking for a completion date of 2026. When completed, it will generate 100 megawatts of solar energy and store up to 50 megawatts. That is enough energy to power 37,000 homes.

This project will, also, be a bonus to the economy bringing about 300 jobs to the area during construction, plus $200 million in economic activity.

Solar energy is always producing so it can be used when needed. Combining solar energy with storage means energy is available even when the sun is not shining.

Solar energy can be affected by the seasons, clouds, dust, haze, rain, snow or other things.

Dulles Solar and Storage
Overcast Day, 8-30, 2023

Storage refers to technologies that captures energy. This energy provides power for days or even weeks when the energy production is low.

Ending Notes

This is a new and exciting project for the Northern Virginia area. There is really no downside to solar energy. It is quiet, clean, and needed in our area.

As solar energy and storage research continues, eventually the price will come down, and become accessible to more people. Around my area of town, I seen a few people with solar energy panels on their home roofs. But, hopefully, we will be seeing more of this.

Resource Site: Chairman Jeffrey McKay’s online newsletter and energy.gov online site.

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