Quick Garden Update – Spray Painting the Rusty Bench

My garden bench was beginning to look a little rusty.  I decided to spray paint it to improve the look of my garden.  It is the small updates like this that keeps your garden looking fresh and marvelous.

I first used a wire brush to remove the loose paint chips.

I like to use the matte black spray paint as I do not like the shiny black finish on my garden furniture.  Be sure to shake the paint can well.

I placed the bench’s legs on an old pizza box as I didn’t want black paint on my grass.

I then allowed the first layer of paint to thoroughly dry and applied a second coat.

The garden bench looks much better and should be totally dry in the morning.

Now, the metal garden table will be the next project.

Wire Brush to Remove Loose Paint Wire Brush to Remove Loose Paint Painted Garden Bench Painted Garden Bench

Spray Painting a Rusty Garden Bench Makes a Big Difference in your Garden.

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