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Years ago, I owned a lovely window valence with a herb kitchen print made by Waverly Fabrics. If I remember correctly, I used it for years, loved the print and the well-made material.

Anyway, it brings me to a recent secondhand shopping trip where I picked up approximately six yards of a floral Waverly fabric. The selvage marking stated it was Waverly at Home, F. Schumacher & Co., “Remington” print, vat dyed Scotchgarde finish, it can be washed in warm water but dry cleaning is recommended.

I wasn’t sure what vat dyed is, so I looked it up. Online sources tell me vat dyeing process is to dye in a bucket or vat. For example, blue jeans are an excellent thing to vat dye because the indigo dye for denim achieves a washed look without losing the freshness of the fabric. There are lots of people who love the popular pre-washed look of denim.

Vat dyeing a fabric, also, helps with the chlorine and washing fastness.

Material Selvage Color Markings, 9-5-2023

Selvage Markings

I wanted to learn more about selvage markings on my yardage, so I checked online. Selvage marking on the edge of the fabric are usually cut off and tossed away. Basically, it is a color strip of the variety of colors used in making the material’s print along with the maker’s name.

Interestingly, selvage markings sometimes have a series of color blocks or circles. It is easy to use this handy strip with get an exact match-up on other fabrics or decorative accents. For instance, if you have a print with a lot of colors in it, you can match a solid color with the print.

So, instead of just tossing out the cut off selvage marking strips, some creative people have made them into quilt like patterns. Looking online I find people even using the selvedge strips to make colorful shoes, pillows and even the backing of an office chair. I like the fact of using up every little scrap of fabric, nothing is wasted.

History of Waverly

Then, briefly, I checked the online site to get more information about this home fashion brand. F. Schumacher & Co., a maker of exclusive European fabrics, decided to launch an American line called Waverly. Waverly started back in 1923 and includes products and fabrics, wall coverings, beddings and window treatments. It is available through retailers and interior design showrooms. Iconix Brand Group bought Waverly back in Nov. of 2008.

Ending Notes on Waverly Fabrics Blog

Well, I am not sure what I am going to do with six yards of this material as I don’t really sew, but perhaps I can figure out a use for it. I only paid two dollars for the six yards, so I’m way ahead of the game this time. I look at this lovely material as finding treasure.

The print is floral pink and taupe roses with rose buds along with tulips, on an off white background. Sorry, I believe, this material pattern is copyrighted, so I’ll not be showing it on today’s blog. But perhaps a couple of new curtains or accent pillows are in order?

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