Fairfax Holiday Market

Today’s blogging destination is the 2022 City of Fairfax Holiday Market to see the various food booths, holiday craft items, and other sights.

The central Fairfax location contains a number of white tents for the exhibitors. In all, we noted sales of stickers, food services, holiday craft kits for children, jewelry plus more.

Musical Entertainment at the Fairfax Holiday Market

When I walked in, I immediately heard the “Grinch” song from one of my favorite holiday movies.

Today’s entertainment is provided by a group called Braeded Chord.

Their colorful holiday-inspired costumes brought a quick smile to my face. And, the nice lady with the red Santa hat offered me a free copy of their latest CD.

So, a big thank you to Braeded Chord group for the delightful holiday music!

The Braeded Chord Musical Group

Holiday Tree and Greenery

The center has a tall holiday tree decorated with white bows and a large star marked off with red and white tape.

Because the base of the tree is hidden by square bales of hay, I’m not sure if it a live tree, or a tree they cut and brought in.

A beautiful tall holiday tree.

In addition, fresh garlands decorate the fencing with bright red bows.

The Holiday Market is decorated with fresh garlands and wreaths. This makes the town’s square quite festive.

Ending Notes on Fairfax Holiday Market

In conclusion, the City of Fairfax Holiday Market gets high marks for good old fashioned fun and holiday entertainment.

Fortunately, the Holiday Market is open for one more December weekend.

So, if you haven’t seen it, be sure to check it out.

Fairfax Holiday Market, 2022

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