Merrifield Garden Center

Carrots and Egg Wreaths

After visiting my local gardening store, I’m feeling it is almost springtime and time for Carrots and Egg Wreaths. Yes, this is one farmhouse gal who is tired of the rain, cold, and gray days.

Bright Orange Colors

So, while roaming the indoor department of this local garden center, I am struck by this bright orange display. Note the sprigs of bright artificial tangerines with leaves. On the bench is an assortment of colorful pillows patterned with tropical-looking flowers. I think the pink flowered pillow is a hibiscus drawing. I’m a true believer that bright colors lighten a bad mood.

Merrifield Garden Center
Bright Orange Colors

There are quite a few carrots and egg wreaths in the store. I like these large, plump looking orange carrots displayed with bunny figurines, very spring like.

Merrifield Garden Center

There are boxes of nicely made orange carrots in the store.

Wild Blueberries, Carrots and Egg Wreaths

This artificial wild blueberries display brings back an old memory of picking wild blueberries on my mom’s old farm. We only did it one time, but I still remember all those wild blueberry bushes. These artificial flower picks actually look like wild blueberries.

Unfortunately, nothing was left of the old farm. The old homestead was located away from town past the graveyard. However, at this site there were lots and lots of wild blueberry bushes full of ripe berries. This is, also, the farm where the family cow would occasionally get loose and decide to graze in the graveyard. Although it was probably amusing to some, it was a fine for my mother’s parents so they didn’t like when that happened. So, I suspect the cow found the graveyard plants tasty.

Merrifield Garden Center

Therefore, a set of these wild blueberries sprigs went into my shopping basket to add to the floral arrangement I have at home. When I look at them, it will trigger that old wild blueberry picking excursion.

This photograph shows my home. The floral arrangement contains the new wild blueberry sprigs. Please note the rare 18th Century Dackermann Pewter Bowl on the left of the arrangement.

Carrots and Egg Wreath

In case you want to know, the desk in the background is where all the “MAGIC” in farmhouse magic blog happens.

Carrots and Egg Wreaths, Merrifield Garden Center

So, this springtime display is a little different done in hues of blue, white, and green.

Ending Notes on Carrots and Egg Wreaths Blog

As usual, I’ve totally enjoyed my shopping trip of Merrifield Garden Center. My spruced up floral arrangement looks great.

Not long now until spring days arrive.

Merrifield Garden Center
Colorful Egg Wreath

A Special Thank You to Merrifield Garden Center for allowing me to take photographs and to blog about their store. You never cease to amaze me with your selection of lovely plants, flowers, faux plants and merchandise.

FMB loves the natural colors of this wide ribbon printed with birds and eggs.

Merrifield Garden Center

All items show on today’s blog are available for purchase at Merrifield Garden Center, except for the items pictured in my home.

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