National Dress Day

National Dress Day!

I received an online advertising today from one of my favorite online stores stating today is National Dress Day.

I never heard about that one, so I looked up some information on the topic.

What is National Dress Day?

A dress represents the power of fashion. If you think back, you can clearly remember what you wore for many special occasions or milestones in your life. A lot of times, dresses were purchased along with new shoes, and perhaps you had your nails or hair done.

Things to do to Celebrate National Dress Day

To celebrate National Dress Day, you could:

  • Wear a Dress to Work
  • Go and Purchase a New Dress
  • Stage a Dress Party – Ask guests wear their favorite dress and have an informal runway show.
  • Meet friends for dinner and all wear dresses.

Important Dresses at FMB

8th Grade Graduation – My earliest memory of wearing a “fancy” dress was for our 8th grade graduation. My mother purchased a long waisted white bodice and somewhat puffy long sleeves dress for me to wear. That was a real treat since we only got new clothing at the beginning of the school year and they had to last all year long. The bottom of the dress had a short black velvet skirt. The whole dress was tied up with a long pink ribbon. My aunt wanted me to get my hair done, so that was the first time I ever went to a beauty shop. My long hair was curled and piled on my head in a “beehive” style.

Now a days, I remember hearing last year about an awards ceremony from a high school, where some of the kids wore sweat pants.

High School – My high school had a pretty strict dress code. The girls were not allowed to wear blue jeans. If they wore pants, the top had to be in the same material as the bottom. However, I did get away with one outrageous dress. It was a ruffled halter top dress. Boy, that was totally forbidden. I always wore a thin gray sweater over it to hide the fact it was backless. It had a fun island print. It was so short that it came with matching panties so you didn’t show anything. When ever they had a football game, you can be sure we didn’t wear dresses. In fact, the style was to wear only jeans and men’s tops or perhaps a hoodie jacket.

National Dress Day
Dresses in my Closet, 2023

Dresses for Growing Up

First Job Interview – For my first job interview, I can still remember the dress. I believe it came from K-Mart. It was white and rust colored, sleeveless, with a turtle neck. I wore it with a jacket. And yes, I got the job. However, I had no idea on how to do the job. I was just lucky and quickly learned a few things so was not fired.

After I got a few dollars working, then I really started to buy nice dresses. We always had a party or two to go to during the year, so one favorite dress was a dark blue velvet dress with a matching tie. It worked well with black pumps, pearls and a dressy bag. I, also, had a very classic green stripped shirt dress I wore a lot to work.

College Graduation – The last dress I wore was to a college graduation of a family member. I also wore a nice black blazer over it. I remember my high black heels sunk into the wet grass. Sorry I didn’t wear a dress to my own college graduation, I wore a classic tan ladies blazer and skirt.

Little Black Dress?

Some people always have a little black dress in the back of their closet to wear. It’s such a great idea, however, I’m always at a loss to find a little black dress I really love and that looks good on me.

So, alas, there is no little black dress for me. I do have some nice black pants and tops though.

What Dresses are in my Closet Now?

Yes, I still have my wedding dress hanging in my small closet after all these years. Actually, I wore a white bridesmaid dress and made my own wedding veil. Not fancy, but only spent $150 on it and looked great.

I also have a black and floral dress in my closet which, I think, is too small. I guess I should donate that one to charity.

Ending Notes on National Dress Day

Wishing everyone have a Happy National Dress Day.

Memories of those special times and special dresses last forever.

Resource Sites: National Day Calendar and Wikipedia

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