Herndon Historical Markers

Herndon Seminary, c. 1881

I was out visiting some of the Herndon Historical markers and went past the Herndon Seminary. The house is now used as a private home.

It was a little hard to stop for this historical marker because the road narrows to about one lane. I had to park far on the side, get out of the car, and quickly take photographs before another car came.

The Herndon Seminary was built in 1881 by Mary Lee Castleman. Mrs. Castleman lived in this home with her daughters. They ran a private boarding and day school for young ladies up until 1926.

Historical lHomes
Historical Marker of the Herndon Seminary

This home is adorable and obviously well taken care of. There is a USA flag flying out front. There are also red, white and blue half circle banners on the porch railing and upper deck.

The landscape is lush packed with lots of hostas around the porch and the grass is deep green. The mailbox is located right out side of the front door.

The edge of the roof has vintage looking snow guards near the edge. Snow guards help break up large clumps of snow on a roof.

Herndon Historical Markers
Herndon Seminary Home

Seminary students learn about the bible and worship services. They also work on their writing and speaking skills.

It would have been a great location for a girl’s school and I can almost see the young ladies of the time with ribbons in their hair entering the front door via the porch.

This is a full view of the Herndon Seminary Marker. In the background you can see the edge of the house.

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