Shopping for a Wood Burning Fireplace Insert

I remember as a kid growing up with a long black wood burning stove in the living room. It had two portal openings on the top. We used it to burn scrap lumber and it kept the room warm on cold days.

Wood stoves are an old idea but still very popular in homes. We were looking into updating our fireplace since it is very drafty, rusty, cold, and totally unusable at this writing. After talking to a fireplace professional, we decided to add a wood fireplace insert to our present fireplace.

We visited a local dealer who not only had wood burning stoves but also gas inserts, pellet stoves, BBQ’s and a careful selection of related accessories. The below photograph shows a variety of heavy duty tea kettles which can be placed on the wood burning stove.

Heavy Duty Tea Kettles

This store had everything related to “fire” from stoves to matches. They, also, had very nice BBQ’s on the showroom floor and the below fire burning pits.

These fire burning pits were made extremely well and were also very heavy.

There is no way you could accidently knock one of these over.

The below photograph shows two different sizes for faux logs for gas fireplaces. Interestingly enough there were two sample modern gas fireplaces burning near the back of the store.

These faux logs are for a gas fireplace.

Some of my favorite items in the store were the humidifiers. Humidifiers are useful because they add moisture to dry air. Humidifiers come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

In particular I liked the below artistic looking humidifier. Humidifiers are easy to use, just fill with water and place on a burning wood stove. The openings in the humidifier allow the moisture to escape into the air.

Humidifier for Wood Burning Stove

We purchased a wood fireplace insert and are happily waiting for the installation. We also waiting for that first cold day we can actually use it.

Hum m m. . .Temperature was 95 degrees today.

A Special Thank You to Tony of Acme Stove in Fairfax for helping us with our purchase and for allowing me to take photographs for my blog.

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