Mom & Children’s Story Hour

Today I came across this grouping of moms, babies, and youngsters gathered on the lawn in front of the Herndon Fortnightly Library for their children’s storytime.

It is nice that the program is held outdoors for social distancing. It was getting a little hot when I was there so it is a good thing they hold it in the mornings.

I spoke briefly to the librarian who stated it might be too hot in August to hold the event out on the lawn.

I remember taking my young son out to special events and have fond memories of those times. The local libraries were always a great source of free programs, children’s books, and other aids for mothers with young children.

The lawn near the library is actually part of the on town green which is the heart of Herndon. The library is near the Municipal Center and the W&OD bicycle Trail.

Herndon Library
Children’s Story Hour at the Herndon Fortnightly Library

I went into the library to make some copies and when I came out the group was singing a rendition of “Itsy Bitsy Spider”.

The children’s librarian uses large size books and other educational materials to keep the attention of her young listeners.

I see she even has a brightly colored beach ball on her cart.

The library is always a good place to stop by. Reading a book opens up the world to a young child.

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