Using a Store’s Order Pickup Lockers

It started out with some sugar ants on the kitchen counter but I ended up using a certain store’s pickup lockers for an online purchase.

I was deep cleaning cleaning the kitchen after seeing some black sugar ants on the counter.

I decided to replaced the electrical outlet covers since the old ones were wooden and seemed to be grungy looking.

Not as easy as it sounds since I needed to buy the extra large outlet size to cover up some defects in the plastering around the outlets.

Order Pickup Lockers Order Pickup Lockers

After buying the wrong size at the store, I went and ordered the larger size outlet covers online.

I wanted to try the store’s order pickup lockers which are located on the outside of the store.

I was given a code number to punch into the machine when I arrived at the store.


When the number was punched in, the locker popped open and I removed my purchase.

The only thing is be sure to take your item out within two minutes.  At that time, the door automatically closes and locks.

This method of shopping was pretty convenient and no shipping costs were added.  I never entered the store and no sales help was needed.

I think I will try this store’s order pickup locker again.  I like the convenience.

Locker Door is Open Locker Door is Open

Have you ever used pickup lockers for purchases or packages?

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  2. Jerome,
    Thank you for reading Farmhouse Magic Blog and for your hints on shopping online. I liked your idea of checking out a site’s FAQ’s to get an idea of how the company handles situations. Take care and have a wonderful week.

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