How to Wear Dressy Pants

Today our fashion blog is on how to wear dressy gold patterned pants with tips on both dressy and informal outfits.

I recently bought this pair of very dressy gold patterned pants at a very discounted price.

The pants are made from a luminous material and they fit beautifully.  They are also made with quality in mind.

I did a little “fashion research” on how to wear very dressy gold patterned pants and I came up two distinct ways.

Dressy Pants and Low Heeled Black Shoes Dressy Pants and Low Heeled Black Shoes Dressy Pants and Easy Wear BlackTop Dressy Pants and Easy Wear Black Top

In the left photograph, our curvy model is wearing dressy gold patterned pants with a low flat heel.  In the right photograph, she wears a black surplice top.

Dress Up those Dressy Pants?

My first idea would be just to keep the pants as your dress-up option.  That is probably the easiest option to wear.

Wear these pants with a black dress shoe with straps, a sexy black top, a lacy white or black blouse, and gold-toned jewelry.  Chunky bracelets would look great with these pants along with a black silk-blend surplice top.

How about wearing a black-layering cami under a cardigan sweater? Or a black asymmetrical hemmed tunic with a bib necklace?

Accessories are going to make or break this outfit, so go with scarfs, black evening bags, etc.  Break out the good pearls to wear.

However, the gold pattern on these pants is very bold, so I would be hesitant about introducing a second pattern.

Fashion Tips - Dressy Pants Close Up View of Gold Pattern on Dressy Pants

Our photograph on the left, shows our curvy model wearing plain black pumps.

Dress Down Dressy Pants?

The second thought is to dress down those dressy pants so you can immediately wear them.

Some suggestions are to wear them with white fashion sneakers, cowboy boots, or a fun graphic tee shirt.

Take along a chic faux black-fur wristlet to carry your keys and cash.

What seems to work with every dress-down outfit is to pair it with some type of denim either a jacket, shirt, vest, etc.

Dressy Gold Pattern Pants Dressy Gold Pattern Pants

I hope I’ve given you a few ideas for wearing those dressy pants in your closet.  Now will it be formal or informal?

Farmhouse Magic Blog would love to hear about your favorite dressy outfit.  Please leave us a comment below.

A Special Thank You to one of FMB’s Technical Directors who filled in as a Fashion Photographer.  Great Job!

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    Thank you for reading FMB but we do not post comments with advertisements attached to them. How about a comment about our fun fashion blog or your go to dressy outfit? Enjoy life and have a great day.

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    Thanks for the nice comments. I think it gives a gal little bit of mystery when she wears more clothing, not less. Take care and have a wonderful day.

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