Merrifield Garden Center

The Rainy Day Garden

On the first day of the new year, I took a walk in one of the gardens at Merrifield Garden Center, thus, the title of the rainy day garden. Today it rained most of the day, so everything was wet and slick with water.

A Walk in the Rainy Day Garden

Below is a photograph of one of the wooden bridges which crosses over a small creek.

Merrifield Garden Center
Wooden Bridge in Garden

I was the only person in this peaceful winter garden setting. Although the garden seems to be resting, I was able to notice a few birds flitting about the plants and other signs of life.

The beautiful water fountain has been winterized and drained of water for the colder months, but you could hear the water gurgling in the small nearby creek.

Merrifield Garden Center
Drained Water Fountain
Merrifield Garden Center

There were no butterflies in the garden at this time of year, but I did notice these butterfly imprinted stepping stones set in small pea-sized gravel.

Merrifield Garden Center
Quiet Garden Nook Near Pond

Garden Statue in the Rainy Day Garden

The photograph of the garden statue below is of a young girl wearing a flowing dress, flat shoes and hat. She is holding a sheaf of wheat in one hand and her other hand is on her hip. She is looking down but her expression seems to say hurry up spring. I believe she was cast from a cement-type compound.

From my internet research, a sheaf of wheat represents harvest and fertility. So appropriate for a garden setting.

Merrifield Garden Center
Garden Statue
Merrifield Garden Center

The photograph on the left shows an assortment of plants near a stone garden path.

Merrifield Garden Center

This is a small garden pond with rocks.

The below photograph shows an arbor with lots of vines over the sides and top.

An arbor in the garden provides shelter, shade, privacy and also acts as a focal point of the garden.

Merrifield Garden Center
Garden Path Through Arbor

Blooming Yellow Flowers

So what do my eyes see next? Did I really see that?

Yes, it is a mass small yellow flowers blooming on a shrub on the first day of the New Year.

Surely, that must be a good luck sign to all gardeners, (see the below photograph).

Merrifield Garden Center

Happy New Year’s Day!

Have a Wonderful 2022!

Merrifield Garden Center

For Your Information: The bridges, fountain, plants, statues, crocks, stepping stones and garden furniture can all be purchased at the Merrifield Garden Center.

Merrifield Garden Center

These wooden Adirondack balcony chairs and table are on a bricked patio area. Each balcony chair has a price tag of $269.99 on it.

Also, a Big Thank You to Merrifield Garden Center for allowing me to blog and take photographs of their plants and lovely garden center.

Merrifield Garden Center
Wooden Bridge

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