The Moffit Blacksmith Shop

This location in downtown Herndon marks the spot of the Moffit Blacksmith Shop.

The actual building was purchased by the Fairfax County Parks Authority back in 1975. It was then moved to its new location at Frying Pan Farm Park in Herndon.

As you can see now, nothing remains of the original shop at this location other than a patch of green grass and the Herndon Historical marker.

Herndon Historical Market
Location of the Moffit Blacksmith Shop

The below photograph shows a gold and brown Herndon historical marker. Behind the historical marker is a park bench in case you want to sit awhile and reflect.

Herndon Historical Market

According to the historical marker there were other blacksmith shops including Henry Simms who was the first African American business owner in Herndon.

This is a close up of the photograph on the plaque. It looks like a farrier is taking care of the hooves of a horses.

Herndon Historical Marker

What is a farrier?

A farrier is a person who takes care of horses’ hooves by trimming them, blanancing the shoes, and creating new shoes when needed.

If you go to Frying Pan Farm Park sometimes a volunteer blacksmith gives demonstrations.

Within the Moffit blacksmith shop at Frying Pan Farm Park there is also a variety of objects related to blacksmithing, tools, etc.

Ending Notes on the Moffit Blacksmith Shop

Even though blacksmith shop has long moved, the Herndon Historical marker tells a story. It’s the tale of horses, hard work, and the makings of rural America.

In early American history, horses were vital to help transport people and items across town and across the nation.

And who better to take care of horses’ hooves than the local farrier.

Do You Like to ride Horses?

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