Urban Wild Birds

Birds & Burgers

We went out for burgers the other day and had our meal on the outdoor patio area.

As we ate our burgers and salads, I noticed a few wild birds looking for a free meal. We were the only ones on the patio so the birds became more brazen as we neared the end of our meal.

Wild Urban Birds

The burgers and salads were quite good.

I tossed the birds a few bun crusts which they immediately picked up and flew away with. There, however, was one “health food nut” bird who wanted to eat some of the salad I dropped underneath my chair.

If you look closely in the below photograph you will notice this bird. At one point this amusing bird sat on the patio chair next to my dinning companion seeming to say, “Where’s my meal?”

Urban Wild Birds
Wild Bird Looking for Bun Crusts

The wild birds in this urban setting seem to know that people will toss them a crumb or two and frankly are quite bold about begging for food scraps.

My research indicates that is ok once in a while to give wild birds a small amount of white bread. However, a better choice would be to feed the wild birds a whole grain bread sandwiched together with nutritious peanut butter, seeds, or suet.

If you look closely you will notice the same bird sitting on the patio beams.

I know this bird was waiting for us to leave so he could eat the salad on the floor.

I just hope the patio cleaner from restaurant doesn’t rush out and sweep up all the salad bits before the bird gets his fill.

For Your Information – I wanted to leave a note for Trail Diva, one of our Readers, who remarked that she gets a wild turkey under her bird feeder. The wild turkey seems to enjoy her sunflower seeds.

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