ReStore Antiques & Vintage Locking Dressers

Today we donated our old glass fireplace surround and a few other items to the ReStore shop in Chantilly.

Vintage Band Saw

When I entered the store, one of the first things I noticed was this old bandsaw on a homemade-looking wooden table.

A bandsaw is a power tool with one continuous blade between two or more wheels. Bandsaws are used in woodworking and to cut lumber.

The below photograph shows the old bandsaw. I liked its cool vintage look, but so did others, so it had a SOLD sign on it.

Old Bandsaw

Vintage Dressers with Locks

This ReStore shop has quite a bit of furniture in it from very modern to very vintage.

I’m more pulled to the old vintage items for sale.

In the below photograph on the left, you will see a vintage five-drawer dresser with locks on each drawer. This piece was at the front of the store.

Vintage Furniture

I’m not sure if this tall dresser was coming in or going out since it has the drawers taped up with blue painter’s tape.

Donations are usually dropped off in the back of the store.

In the two photographs below, you will see a vintage dresser with a carved design on each drawer along with a lock.

I’m thinking this dresser was initially painted or stained a darker color and refinished. If you look closely in the photograph on the right, you can see bits of the old paint color in the carvings and on the opened drawer edge.

Why did they build dressers with locks?

The simple answer is that people wanted their things to be safe.

In the 1800’s to 1900’s dresser drawers were made with locks in them so people could lock up their valuables. Some people had maids or servants in the house and they didn’t want to keep their valuables about.

In the south, there was the practice “Southern Hospitality”. Visitors were invited to spend the night even if you didn’t know them well. Locking up your things was one way to prevent theft.

With the invention of home safes and lock boxes, people no longer needed to use their dresser to lock things up so locking drawers became a thing of the past.

Secretary Desk with Drawers

The below photograph shows a vintage Secretary Desk with Drawers. It is made out of wood and certainly has loads of charm.

The upper part has sections for bills or invoices. The small drawers can be used to store stamps, paper openers, or scissors. There is also one little box like compartment in the center to store those special items.

Secretary Desk with Drawers

All the above items were for sale today in the ReStore shop in Chantilly with the exception of the sold bandsaw.

This store always has a great selection of furniture, building supplies, or odds and ends. You will never know what you’ll find.

A Special Thank you to James for allowing me to take and post photographs of items in the ReStore shop in Chantilly. ReStore shops are run by Habitat for Humanity, a non-profit organization which provides housing for those in need.

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  1. E. K.,
    I liked your idea of art being first created in the mind and then going to the hands and eyes. What is your view of antiques? Enjoy the day.

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