History of WWII

The Free Book

FMB Readers, it is time to talk about the free book I picked up last week in a local waiting area. There were about five new copies on the table and the receptionist said I could have a free book.

Wow, I’m quite the reader, so a free book sounded like an excellent choice for me.

I must admit that since I got my electronic book reader, I rarely go to the library and instead only get the e-version of the books online.

I’ve been in this office several times, seen the book, yet never picked up a copy. But last week I decided to see what the book was all about. Apparently, the owner of the shop I visited personally knows who wrote the book.

Free Book on WWII

So, the story is a nonfiction accounting of a Polish survivor of World War II. The book was written by a local college professor. Interestingly, the author of the book taped the individual and then transcribed the tapes to put into a book form. So, basically, the author of the book states this is that gentleman’s accounting of things.

This actually reminds me of another book I read on WWII.

Years ago, I purchased a Xeroxed copy of a book about guy who did it all. But the most interesting part of his book is when he was an U.S. Army solider in Europe during WWII. I ended up sending my copy to the the National Army Museum because I thought it was that good.

So back to my free book, it is a fast read and I’m already half way through it. This young man was apparently a Polish solider and then became a Russian solider as his home was somehow on the border of things. There is a lot of going with soldiers traveling and also having to avoid the bombing from Germany.

History of WWII
Free Paperback Book on WWII

Ending Comments

Because I’ve not finished reading the book, I am not able to give you much in the way of comments.

But I am enjoying the free read and thank you again for leaving copies of your novel in that waiting room.

I’ll also be sure to pass my copy on to other Readers because I never toss out a book.

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