2023 New Cars

New Car Fever

It’s not spring yet, but we had “the new car fever.” So this weekend, we went out and purchased a vehicle.

Initially, we shopped for new cars online and at the car shows. We knew what we wanted in a new car. That’s an important step because you can quickly become overwhelmed with new cars and new car features. We also checked with a buying service to see approximately what we should pay for the new car.

What’s New in the Showroom?

From the last time we purchased a new car, things are much more streamlined. We test drove a couple of new vehicles. Things are very computerized with camera assisting with backing up, onscreen maps, keyless entry, huge sunroofs, heated seats, turbo drive, etc. The options are almost limitless.

Of course, our trade-in was valued much less than we thought it should be but instead of the “free cash gift”, they gave us an extra $500 on the trade-in.

Also, much improved, is signing of the paperwork on an iPad. When all the paperwork was signed they ran off a copy of it, plus gave us a thumb drive to take home. (Reminder: Now I need to put a copy of the paperwork in my tax folder so I don’t forget to take off the sales tax next year.)

Of course, we also got some of those high pressure sales tactics such as “Congratulations on your new car”, when we never set foot in that particular dealership plus lots of phone calls.

What’s also new is bring your checkbook. Because, in my option, it is going to be costly. There are also new vehicles on the lot, not like in the pandemic era. But, keep in mind, some cars are still hard to get a hold of. It all depends on what you want and what you are willing to pay for it.

2023 New Cars
Row of New Cars on Lot

Conclusion on New Car Fever

Yes, we got to “bang that gong” when going out the showroom door because we bought a new car. Kind of fun and everyone in the buildings claps for you.

But what is more fun, is driving that new car around the neighborhood with the sunroof down. We, also, nicknamed the new car the “The Bat Mobile”.

Happy Trails from Farmhouse Magic Blog.

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