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Happy Valentine’s Day

Here at Farmhouse Magic Blog, we certainly are celebrating and wishing our Readers, a Happy Valentine’s Day!

So, I’m actually running a bit late with things, but did manage to get the Valentine’s Day cards and chocolates out.

Chocolates Made in Belgian

I picked up a deluxe box of chocolates made in Belgian. I am looking forward to sampling a few after our Valentine’s Day dinner. That’s the top red box on this tower of treats.

The Belgian chocolates are made of milk chocolate and filled with truffles. They are also, shaped like mini hearts.

I decided to have a quiet Valentine’s Day dinner at home and perhaps some coffee with those chocolates.

At Home Entertaining
Valentine’s Day Centerpiece

Things to do for Valentine’s Day

Originally, I planned to visit a nearby chocolate factory but I see it is closed on Tuesdays. I would think this is a big day for chocolate sales for the shop so perhaps I am mistaken on that one.

Not sure what the chocolate factory looks like, but they make the chocolate in the shop and the tour is $5 but I see other prices.

They also offer classes making what looks like chocolate bars with lots of additives like freeze dried strawberries, sea salt, flower petals and candied orange slices. This all sounds good to me.

The story of the shop, goes back many years to Brazil where the one co-owner was a premature baby. Apparently, at that time, they gave the preemies chocolate to eat and so her love of chocolate. Interesting story, so I might have to check back with this place for a visit at another time. Also, not sure if giving chocolate to preemies is advisable now a days.

For other Valentine’s activities, I also notice at Town Center there are reserved horse and carriage rides. However, I but did not see a price for those. Sounds romantic doesn’t it?

Lots of couples are probably going out to dinner and I wish them the best.

Ending Notes on Happy Valentine’s Day Blog

So everyone out there have a Happy Valentine’s Day, enjoy those boxes of chocolates, cards, flowers, and dinners out.

But no matter what you do, the Valentine spirit is everywhere so enjoy the special day.

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