Tender Popcorn

I like snacks and, in particular, love tender popcorn.

Popcorn is healthy, earth-friendly, usually low in calories, and generally available to most people.

What is Butterfly Popcorn?

The popcorn I’m snacking on is advertised as butterfly popcorn. Online sources state that butterfly popcorn is also known as snowflake popcorn. I find butterfly popcorn to be light and airy. The hulls are also softer than other types of popcorn.

Movie theaters, sporting arenas, festivals and fairs usually sell butterfly popcorn since it holds toppings, salt, and flavors better.

A second type of popcorn kernel is known as mushroom popcorn. Mushroom popcorn is round and larger in shape. Generally, it is sturdier and is used to make caramel corn, etc.

Tender Popcorn

The organic non-GMO popcorn I have been enjoying is tumbled in coconut oil. In fact, when you open the package you can smell the coconut aroma. Lastly, it is sprinkled with Himalayan Pink Salt. It states the snack has been minimally processed.

Himalayan Pink Salt

Curious about Himalayan Pink Salt I also checked that out online. I’ve seen Himalayan Pink Salt sold for cooking, made into decorative lamps or serving dishes, as a rock salt for horses, bath bombs, salt bricks, etc. I remember one teacher who used a lamp made from it in her classroom. Also, some spas offer treatments using salt scrubs made from Himalayan Pink Salt.

Research shows the Himalayan Pink Salt is rock salt mined from Pakistan. The salt often has a pinkish color due to trace minerals in it.

Ending Notes on Tender Popcorn Blog

Most people feasted on popcorn in the movie theaters or other events. My garden store even has a popcorn popper so shoppers can munch on something as they shop.

Everyone enjoys tender popcorn as a snack but remember to keep it healthy so not too much salt or butter.

Happy Popcorn Snacking Everyone!

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