Historic Yellow House in Herndon, VA

Farmhouse Magic Blog was out for a little road trip to check out a few Herndon Historic Markers and drove by this historic Yellow House. The house still retains its two-story porch. On hot days, it must be nice to sit on the second floor porch and enjoy the breeze.

The Yellow House was originally built in the mid 1800’s on Eldon Street. This puzzled me at first because this house is not near Eldon Street. However, the house was apparently moved twice.

Herndon Historic Marker - Yellow House
Herndon Historic Marker for the Yellow House

The Yellow House was home first to Madison Whipple. Mr. Whipple was the Postmaster of Herndon back in 1860’s. It later was home to Thomas Reed who was Herndon’s first undertaker.

The below left photograph shows the front of the Yellow House from across the street. There is a blue street sign on the far left.

The second photograph on the right, shows a far away view of the vegetable garden. I wish I could have gone up and had a closer look to see what they were growing.

There is what also looks like a yellow garden shed to the left of the house.

This street seems very quiet today but I’m sure this Yellow House has a lot of stories to tell about years past.

Historic Yellow House in Herndon, VA

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