New Shopping Experience

Shopping at Amazon Fresh

Shopping at Amazon Fresh is a whole new experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect as this was my first shopping trip there. Today I shopped at Fairfax location on Fairfax Boulevard.

Shopping Trip

First, I got a cart and entered the store. You need to put in your credit card in the entrance gate to enter the store. However, you do not need to be an Amazon Prime member.

The first part of the store has very fresh looking fruits and vegetables. I’m very big on fresh looking produce. The prices, also, were very good in this store. I didn’t have to count or weight any produce.

I asked a person about the store and they told me the shopper has to be the person on the credit card. So I handed all my purchases to my shopping partner to actually place them in the cart. However, I’m not sure if this is the case.

Shopping Carts at Amazon Fresh
Shopping Carts at Amazon Fresh

Skip the Amazon Fresh Checkout Line

One of the great things about shopping in the Amazon Fresh grocery store is you place your items in the shopping cart and then walk out the front door. Your credit card will be automatically charged as you leave the store.

You can also take items out of the shopping cart if you decide you don’t want a particular item. The system will automatically deduct that purchase.

You can also use the traditional checkout system with a cashier. Everyone I saw was using the automatic system.

New Shopping Experience
Amazon Fresh Grocery Store

My research reveals that the Amazon Fresh has an elaborate RGB surveillance powered camera system all over the ceiling of the store, for adding up purchases. Every square inch in the store is monitored at different angles.

Ending Notes on Shopping at Amazon Fresh

The whole system was so easy to use, I stopped to check with the cashier to make sure my purchases were charged on my card.

I double-checked my receipt and it was 100% correct.

Looks like Amazon Fresh will be seeing me again. I loved the high tech shopping experience, the produce, clean store, reasonable prices and the time saving checkout.

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