Liberty Ski Resort with Snow Guns

Retro-Skier Sheets

Today’s blog is about Pottery Barn Retro-Skier Sheets, but I want to include a couple of photographs recently taken at Liberty Ski Resort.

Liberty Ski Resort

Liberty Ski Resort gets its name from the Liberty Mountain. It is located in southern Pennsylvania approximately one hours’ drive from Washington, DC. It has 100 acres of skiing terrain.

This first photograph is of snow boarders having fun at Liberty Ski Resort in Pennsylvania. Photograph from December 26, 2022.

This second photograph shows the chair lift view at Liberty Ski Resort, also, on December 26, 2022. Notice the snow guns which help maintain the base snow. Online research reveals that Liberty Ski Resort has 350 snow guns.

Liberty Ski Resort with Snow Guns
Chair Lift View, Liberty Ski Resort

Winter Skiers Sheets

Although skiing was fun at Liberty Ski Resort, well, back to the original blog on Skier Sheets.

I actually love these retro-pattern Skier Sheets purchased via mail from Pottery Barn. They are made from crisp 100% cotton percale material with a 200-thread count. This product is sustainably sourced and certified non-toxic. I actually purchased not only a set of sheets but also two extra pillow cases.

The Retro-Skier pattern is done in pale browns and grays. It makes me think of snowy days, ski lodges and hot chocolate.

The sheets are perfect for winter and when I look at them, they bring a smile to my face.

Pottery Barn Sheets in Winter Skiers Pattern

Because, I want to be extra cozy, I also purchased two Pottery Barn Fireside Cozy Reversible throws one in this red color and the other in black. They are each made out of polyester and measure 50 x 60 inches.

Extra set of Winter Skier Pillowcases.

Ending Comments on Retro-Skier Sheets

Ok, so today’s blog was a bit here and there on Retro-Skier Sheets and skiing.

Thinking of skiing, I remember my Dad being an expert skier having learned to ski in European mountain range. However, at one point, he sold his ski boots and sure enough a young couple came to buy them.

As far the the Retro-Skier sheets go, buy something to make you happy this winter. Also, thank you Pottery Barn for making my house so warm, inviting and skier-cozy.

Resource Sites: Liberty Ski Resort online webpage. Retro-Skier sheets and throw from Pottery Barn.

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