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I’m usually very skeptical about anything new on the informational technical frontier, but I’m totally sold on Chat GPT.

Recently, a coder I know, went to a Coding Meet-Up where Chat GPT was the main topic of conversation.

OK, I’m totally a non-technical IT person, so I’ll try to explain this in simple terms. Please note, I’m not an expert, so don’t hold me responsible for any errors in my blog on the information/understanding of this topic.

What is Chat GPT?

Chat GPT is an AI language model developed by Open AI launched in 2022. It generates responses to questions, it writes stories, plays, essays, music, plus more. It gives a user, human-like conversations.

This system remembers previous prompts in the same conversation and will build upon that. It gives you clear text without spelling errors.

Examples of Chat GPT Use

Our coder first used an example that he wanted was a song about a town, a hotel, etc. Within seconds, Chat GPT had written a whole song with a great lyrics.

We also used it to see if it would come up with a play with random entries. It did within seconds and play was really good.

It is also free and easy to use. No apps installation is needed. To use, only go to the Chat GPT website.

I then asked for something I was going to blog about. It gave a great summary of what I needed which I actually ran off.

This system saves time and money as our coder was going to use a site to help him come up with a movie description and pay a fee. He didn’t need to do this when he consulted Chat GPT about it. Excellent stuff.

New Technology
Chat GPT Paper

User Drawbacks

Even though Chat GPT is fabulous to use, I noticed one small error in what I had given it to write about. I asked about a historic place but added a part about a nonexistent nature center instead of a visitor center.

It also could not give me any information on a recent news item as it only could give me information up until 2021.

Not sure how high schools and colleges are going to get students to write their own essays anymore and do their own work. I talked to one college student who said the schools have a system in place where they can tell if something was copied, such as this. He would never copy something like this and submit it as his own work. However, he was able to get some interesting references with Chat GPT which he was able to read up on.

A musician at the IT Meet Up said he was going to be out of a job since he wrote music and this system did as good a job as he did.

I read about one case where a person was using this language model as a “therapist”, also, not for what it was intended for.

Ending Notes

I’m thinking of using this system to come up with a Farmhouse Magic blog at some point.

Now will my Readers be able to tell my real blog from my Chat GPT blog? We’ll see about that.

I might be out a blogging job. (?)

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