New Store Opening

Escalator Shopping Cart

This week was the opening of a new grocery store in town but what impressed me the most was the escalator shopping cart lane.

Store Experience

Everything in the store is new, crisp, and the food looked fabulous. Workers in the fine cheese department offered me a sample of cheese. The fruits, vegetables, and meats departments all overflowed with wonderful items.

Of course, with a new opening, the store was mobbed with shoppers, also, checking things out.

I accidently brought the wrong coupons with me, can you believe that? So, anyway I’m not a crowd person, so I picked up a few things and headed for the checkout lane.

New Store Opening
Grocery Store Door

Escalator Shopping Cart Review

After paying for my purchases, I went out to the escalator so I could get to level 1 of the parking garage.

Truth be told, the escalator shopping cart lane really impressed me.

I wasn’t sure how to get my shopping cart to the bottom of the escalator.

But not to worry, because two store employees at the top of the steps helped me out. I remember telling them that, “I am not riding down with my cart”. That was so silly of me because everyone rode the escalators steps up and down.

The cart was pushed on the escalator cart lane, and down it went. When it hit the bottom, I picked my cart up and headed to the parking garage.

New Store Opening
Shopping Cart on Escalator

Ending Comments

All in all, I had a great first shopping experience at this store and will come back again to do more shopping at another time

Also, of note, there was lots of parking spots in the parking garage. The store hired a couple of police officers to direct the traffic in and out of the parking garage.

Yes, I really enjoyed my escalator ride and watching my grocery cart slide safely to the bottom of the steps.

Escalators Make Shopping Fun.

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