Restaurant Health Inspections

I dine out a lot at local restaurants, so it is with great interest that I read the recent Restaurant Health Inspections findings. I like the fact that the County Health Department’s violations at several local restaurants are published.

Since COVID-19 restrictions around my state have lessened, health inspectors are now returning to do inspections. A big issue with health inspections is with factors that can lead to food contamination. Contaminated food can make people very ill. If violations are found, the health department makes a return visit to see that issues are corrected.

Some Health Code Violations recently listed:

  • Food over the seven day shelf life
  • Employee having a drink near the cook line
  • No hand drying provision at the handwashing sink area
  • Soap dispenser empty
  • One employee with soiled disposable gloves using them for more than one task
  • Raw chicken stored over ready-to-eat-cooked chicken, (This seems like it would be an obvious mistake, but I guess someone was not thinking)
  • Slicers with left over food residue
  • Prepared food over 24 hours old. (Note: this violation really got to me since if I want to eat leftovers, I will stay home and eat them.)
  • Chemical spray container not labeled
  • Grab and Go Foods not labeled (Note: People on special diets need to know what is being served)
  • Potato and Asparagus Soup not holding at a hot enough temperature
  • Handles of forks, knives and spoons not positioned to minimize potential for contamination when handling. Arrange utensils so that handles are in the upright position.

Ending Comments on Restaurant Health Inspections

On today’s list, I didn’t see any code violations on noted roach, mice or rodent droppings. That’s a complete turn off for me.

Like everyone else, I have my favorite places to dine at, but there is one particular chain restaurant that I will never eat at again. Here’s why:

While reading the bulletin board near this restaurant’s restrooms, one of the cook staff went in and I never heard him turn on the skin’s faucet to wash his hands.

Then that same place had fly strips out to catch the fruit flies in the dining area.

The final straw is when I was given a “note” by a woman asking for money to feed her hungry children. I noticed that her grade-school-aged son, she brought along with her, wore expensive tennis shoes. Panhandlers use this note technique because it does not draw the restaurants managers’ attention. The panhandlers can get in and out quickly.

Another time in a restaurant, I saw cases of cans of soda being stored on the floor in the women’s restroom. I actually told the server about this one, so I hope it was moved.

So what restaurants get my dining out dollars?

Ones that serve great food, with clean dining/restrooms, not filled to brim with customers and a pleasant serving staff. And, of course, restaurants with no health code violations. Thank you Health Department for keeping us safe.

Happy Dinning Out!

Fried Chicken and Coleslaw Takeout Lunch

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