International Color Day

I’ve put International Color Day under my art category, but color is more than that. Color is in every part of your day. Different colors evoke different emotions and feelings. Think how basic the world would be without the many colors in nature.

Today is International Color Day, or March 21st. This is also the date of the equinox. This means we have equal amount of sunlight and night. Colors in bright sunlight and at night are very different colors. So, this makes it a perfect day to think and observe different colors.

The oldest color pigment is probably red ochre. Red ochre looks more like rust or an old red farm barn color. The color was popular in early cosmetics and anyone who oil paints, is well aware of the principles of red ochre. Over 40,000 years ago cave artists used color along with animal fat, red clay, charcoal and chalk to create different colors for wall drawings.

The Nature of Colors

So what emotions and feelings do different colors bring about?

  1. Red – Hot, Excitement, Love
  2. Orange – Confidence, Danger
  3. Green – Freshness, Healing
  4. Yellow – Warm, Happiness, Brightness
  5. Blue – Coolness, Crispness, Trust
  6. Pink – Sweetness, Youth, Sincerity
  7. Brown – Simple, Basic, Dependable
  8. White – Clean, New, Fresh

How to Celebrate International Color Day

  • Think about changing the color combination in your house for bath towels, sheets, and dish towels.
  • If you have children, make a color wheel and teach them about primary colors.
  • Visit a local art gallery and observe the colors used by different artists. What feelings do the paintings evoke? Would an artist from sunny Florida use the same color combinations as an artist from a cooler location? Why or why not?
  • Tie dye a t-shirt with your favorite two primary colors. Tie the shirt up with rubber bands and marbles, and only dip certain areas in each color.
  • Wear your favorite color to work.
  • Make mention of your favorite color on social media.
  • Buy a coloring book for both yourself and child, then experiment with different crayons or colored pencils.

Ending Notes on International Color Day

So, what is Farmhouse Magic Blog’s favorite color?

I guess I would have to say bright green but I also love to wear black and right red. Bold and bright, just like me.

I love color! Happy Day!

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