Cleaning the Fireplace Insert

Ok, this is a dirty job cleaning the fireplace Insert but once it is clean, it makes such a difference. The fireplace in my home is also the main feature of the downstairs living room, so it is important to keep it looking its best.

Before Cleaning of Fireplace Insert

While not totally dirty looking, it is obvious that the glass insert needs to be cleaned and it has a sooty-looking film over it. The outside is also quite dusty and there are ashes on the outside bricks.

This is the pre-cleaning photograph of the fireplace insert.

How I Clean by Fireplace Insert

The first thing I do is to remove some of the ashes. I use a metal fireplace scoop and a metal bucket to place the ashes in. Always, make sure they are cold since you don’t want to start a fire.

Next I pull open the fireplace insert window and get my hearth polish ready. This time I’ve cut open the “empty” bottle as I can get almost another cleaning with the leftovers in the bottle. I also wear some type of rubber gloves to keep my hands clean.

This was my Dad’s old trick of using up the last bit of anything. Cut the container in half and you usually get at least one more use of what is left in the container.

I use a small amount of hearth glass crème and a circular motion to put the polish on. Then I used a clean part of the rag to wipe it clean and polish. Sometimes I use paper towels which also does a nice job cleaning it up.

You will get a lot of soot on the rag you use. This towel material works nicely on the job.

The last step is to dust the outside of the area. Never use a wet rag to clean the metal areas of the fireplace insert, as you don’t want your insert to rust.

I, do however, use a wet rag to wipe down the bricks and all the dust around them.

Ending Notes

So now, things are nice and clean again. We will soon have warmer spring-like weather, so I’ll probably not have to clean this area too much again.

I’ve also placed my old metal frog in front of the fireplace. To me the frog almost looks real. He’s also very heavy so I guess he would be a good paperweight holder.

Enjoy the last few days of winter.

After Cleaning of the Fireplace Insert

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