Rare “Christmas Star” Photograph from Virginia

In you look carefully in the center of this night time photograph, you will see the rare “Christmas Star”.

On December 21, 2020, shortly after sun set, I got a glimpse of the “Christmas Star”.  This is first time it has appeared in nearly 800 years.

The last time the “Christmas Star” appeared was back in 1226.

The “Christmas Star” appears when Jupiter and Saturn align producing a very large bright orb.

Christmas Star Christmas Star

I like to think that seeing the “Christmas Star” is a good omen for better days ahead.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

 A Special Thank You to my Neighbors who took this awesome photograph of the “Christmas Star” and gave me permission to place it on my blog.

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  1. Colly,
    Thanks for checking out our web site. We have lots of interesting blogs. Take care of yourself and have a wonderful holiday season. Happy New Year, too!

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