Quick Bake Sale

Today was our church’s BBQ and, for me, I needed quick bake sale items. Because I wanted to participate, I found a way to save time and make quick treats. Yesterday, I actually made/wrapped a bunch of fast no baked baked treats. What is remarkable about the below photographed tray of baked goodies, is that not one of them is baked.

Our church is having their annual BBQ and they sell the baked treats that members make to raise money for the church.

Quick Bake Sale Items

The first thing I did, was find a cardboard box which was large enough to hold all the treats. Then I used clean paper napkins with a BBQ print to line the box. Going from left to right in the below photograph, we have chocolate covered Oreos with fall-themed sprinkles. I placed three Oreos per cellophane bag so people feel they get their money’s worth.

Chocolate Covered Oreos with Fall-Themed Sprinkles.

Then, I have chocolate covered pumpkin-shaped marshmallow Peeps on wooden skewers. Each skewer holds two pumpkin marshmallows which are covered in streaks of chocolate bark. The skewer treat is then placed in fall leaves-themed plastic bags. Each bag is tied with a festive orange ribbon. Then, the ends of the ribbon is curled with a pair of scissors.

The last row is chocolate covered sour dough pretzel nibblers. Please click on links for detailed recipes for making the nonbaked items.

No Baked Baked Goods, 9-9-2023

Attractive Fall Wrapping

I’m totally into attractive wrapping to help sell the baked goods items. I used clear cellophane bags to show off the chocolate treats. I actually ran out of twist ties, so I folded down the tops of the bags, and used a small piece of clear tape to close the bags.

Small labels were added to my box and, of course, the “No nuts” marking for any allergies.

Ending Comments

I dropped off my bake sale items early at the church’s parking lot. Unfortunately, I am unable to attend today’s BBQ. I noticed several men hauling out folding tables and setting things up. The BBQ tents were already in place for the 1:00 p.m. serving time.

Then, I was asked to place my chocolate goodies on a rolling rack. Because I came early, I noticed a few additional bake goods in the room.

Orange parking cones set up in the parking lot of the church BBQ, help save spaces.

So, I am glad I was able to make my chocolate goodies early for the bake sale and I hope everything sells.

Yummy Quick Chocolate Treats!

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