Easy Fall Bake Sale Tips & Recipes

The above photograph with delicious bake sale items were made for a bake sale before COVID-19.

The treats tasted great and were easy to do.

They were, also, probably some of the first items to be sold.

Below are some tips for an easy bake sale.

Bake Sale Tips

  1. Attractively wrap items with plastic bags purchased in the baking section of a craft store.  They offer the best selection in plastic wrapping bags in various sizes.  I also use ribbons to tie the bags.
  2. Use only recipes you have tried before and know taste great.  Do not try out new recipes.
  3. Make large serving sizes.  Packages with two to three cookies sell better than a bag with only one cookie.
  4. People also love chocolate items, brownies or chocolate chip cookies.
  5. Bring a box of baggies for items that were donated but not individually wrapped.
  6. Make items the day before the bake sale, so they are cool enough to wrap.
  7. Avoid donating items made with nuts, peanuts or peanut butter.  There are too many allergies associated with these food items.
Chocolate Covered Treats and Pound Cake Chocolate Covered Treats and Pound Cake

Recipe for Making Chocolate Cookies and Marshmallow Ghost Pops

Surprisingly, it probably took more time to wrap these items than it did to make them.

I purchased chocolate bark from the grocery store.  This can be easily melted down in the microwave for a few minutes and then stir until smooth.

A variety of items can be dunked in the chocolate and allowed to harden on a wax paper lined baking tray.

I then put the tray in the refrigerator for several minutes to quickly harden things up.  When the chocolate is no longer shiny, the items are ready to be packaged.

In the top left hand corner of this photograph, you will notice round chocolate cookies.  These are Oreos dunked in chocolate and then fall themed sprinkles were added.  Be sure to do this immediately before the chocolate starts to set.

The items on a stick are marshmallow ghosts with a wooden skewer placed at the bottom.  I also used the melted chocolate bark for this.  Carefully push the stick into the bottom of each marshmallow as you don’t want the stick to go out the other end.  I used a large spoon to coat the marshmallows.  Be careful not to get melted chocolate on the stick as it will look messy.  I actually leave some of the marshmallow uncoated for this reason.  Place on wax paper lined baking tray and then use sprinkles.  Don’t over do the sprinkles, they add nothing to the taste but only look nice.

The mini pound cakes were made from a boxed cake mix.  I followed the directions on the box but added about a teaspoon or two of fresh lemon juice to the mixture to pick up the taste.  Instead of making one cake, I poured it into two mini disposable baking pans.

That’s about it for the easy-peasy bake sale.  At some point, we will have bake sales again for your school, church or other activity.

For now, we can dream of homemade cookies, brownies, muffins and cakes.

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