Merrifield Garden Center

Topsy-Turvy Tree

With Black Friday nearing, I want to give my readers a sneak peek at the topsy-turvy tree at Merrifield Garden Center.

In the Greenhouse

So we begin our blog first in the greenhouse. In the below photograph, a couple of attractive cold weather planters hold purplish curly leaf kale.

Merrifield Garden Center

Each planter looks fresh, green, and growing vigorously.

The arrangement in the dark gray urn has a formal look.

Ornamental Cabbage

Ornamental cabbage also looks nice in large planters for colder days, unfortunately, my squirrels and rabbits would probably eat this or dig it out of the container.

The below photograph shows a large selection of plants.

Merrifield Garden Center

The photograph on the right shows neat rows of ornamental cabbage plants.

Variegated Kalanchoe Plants

Variegated Kalanchoe plants are a perfect choice for a long-lasting holiday plant.

The below photograph is a grouping of variegated kalanchoe plants. The plant’s dark green leaves are lightly edged in white and the bright red flowers seems to pop with a lipstick-red color. The plants are sold in holiday white or green planters.

Merrifield Garden Center
Variegated Kalanchoe
Merrifield Garden Center

These bromeliads are bright and tropical looking.

How to care for the plant” instructions are available for this plant.

Christmas Cactus

Of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas without some holiday/Christmas cactus. The below plants are full of blooms just ready to pop.

Merrifield Garden Center

That light pink color holiday cactus plant looks lovely, however, none of the plants are blooming yet.

In the Store, Location of the Topsy-Turvy Tree

Indoors at Merrifield Garden Center, the holiday theme continues with a wide variety of holiday merchandise including the topsy-turvy tree.

The below photograph, shows a faux gingerbread camper, faux candy canes, ornate ruby-red tree bulbs, and spools of red ribbon.

The gingerbread camper is topped with an ice cream cone. That would look delightful on a table surrounded by some pine greenery or bowls of candy.

Merrifield Garden Center
Gingerbread Camper
Merrifield Garden Center

These shelves hold very nice holiday items.

I even see a little gingerbread boy and mini trees to go with that camper.

Any item here would also make a great hostess gift.

Faux Flowers & Fruit

Since I work with faux food at the farmhouse, I always enjoying looking at Merrifield Garden’s the faux flowers and fruits.

It’s hard to believe that these red and white flowers are not real. They are perfect for an area that you do not want to risk getting water on such as vintage furniture or on a piano.

Merrifield Garden Center
Faux Red and White Flowers

I thought the below whole dried orange and slice garland was very interesting and unique. I believe it is made out of faux oranges but I’m not sure since they look so real.

The faux whole oranges are sliced in a vertical pattern. Faux orange slices are also included on the garland.

This garland was draped over the boughs of a holiday tree along with a faux popcorn and cranberry string. I believe the price for this unusual orange garland is $84.99.

Merrifield Garden Center

Faux whole oranges and slices made into a garland.

Merrifield Garden Center

Boxes of detailed holiday tree bulbs in boxes.

Topsy-Turvy Christmas Tree

So you think you’ve seen it all, but you haven’t.

Below is a photograph of an upside down Christmas tree with white presents on top of that tree.

I’m not sure how this topsy-turvy tree stands up as I didn’t see any wiring from the ceiling. Perhaps some type of stand was used, but I guess I’ll have to take a closer look at it next time I’m in the store.

Perhaps it is a little bit of garden center “magic”?

Merrifield Garden Center
Upside Down Christmas Tree with Presents

Ending Holiday Notes on the Topsy-Turvy Tree

Start early on your holiday shopping list, then enjoy the season with some eggnog and gingerbread cookies.

Perhaps you can put up your own topsy-turvy tree to delight your family.

A Big Thank You to Merrifield Garden Center for allowing me to take photographs and to blog about their store.

Let Farmhouse Magic Blog be the first one to wish you Happy Holidays!

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