Lo Cal Pink Gelatin Dessert

I saw a box of lo cal pink gelatin dessert in the store the other day, and immediately purchased a box to try it out.

I don’t recall seeing a gelatin this shade of light pink before.

Pink Gelatin Information

The label on the Starburst All Pink Gelatin stated it was sugar free and strawberry flavored. I checked the back of the box for the calorie content which comes out to 10 calories for 1/8 of a package and the box makes about four cups of gelatin.

I think any caterer will tell you that it is all about presentation of foods. Keeping this in mind, I made my pink gelatin and poured it in to antique cut glass stemware.

This is a generous serving of gelatin about 3/4 of a cup, so it will roughly come out to 15 calories per glass.

I was also careful not to fill the glasses to the top, because when you carry them to the refrigerator, they easily spill over the rim of the glass.

Pink Strawberry Gelatin in Vintage Glasses

Making the Lo Cal Pink Gelatin Dessert

The gelatin is easy to make adding first some boiling water, stir until dissolved and then add some cooler water, (see directions on box).

In a few minutes the gelatin is ready to pour into the serving glasses.

I like to use a large measuring cup when pouring liquids into the serving glasses.

The gelatin needs to chill in the refrigerator until set or for about four hours.

Serving the Pink Gelatin

I’m going to serve this refreshing-looking strawberry gelatin for dessert tonight and see my family’s reaction.

If I top each glass with two tablespoons of sugar-free topping, it will add an additional 20 calories for a total of 35 calories per serving.

Sugar Free Pink Gelatin

Ending Notes on Lo Cal Pink Gelatin Dessert

Easy to do, looks lovely, hardly any calories, and very light and refreshing.

Did you know that years ago, gelatin was considered a luxury food item because you needed a refrigerator to make it. You could not make gelatin with an ice box.

Have a great Lo Cal Day.

Happy Veteran’s Day!

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