ReStore’s Vintage Ingraham Clock

Today’s blog took quite a bit of time to research as I was curious about Restore’s Vintage Ingraham Clock and some of the merchandise.

Walking into the ReStore shop, I was warmly greeted by Eric, who always points out the new merchandise for sale.

Fire Engine Pumper Pedal Car, Retro Style

I absolutely love the below child’s Fire Engine Pumper Pedal Car in a retro style of a 1930’s Model A type vehicle.

The pedal car is fire engine red with a white fire logo on the both sides. The fire truck has round headlights, a decorative ladder, functioning steeling wheel, bell and the body is steel.

This is a great gift to keep a young child busy pumping the pedals and “putting out fires”.

This pedal car is for those children in the 2-4 years old age range.

Pottery Barn?
Red Fire Pedal Car, Retro Style

However, I’m not sure this pedal car is from Morgan Cycle even though there is internet paperwork on the pedal car. Somehow, the ladders on the other Morgan Cycle pedal cars looks different.

My online research indicates a similar-looking pedal car was, also, sold by Pottery Barn for Kids. Brand new their fire truck pedal car had an asking price of $300.

This fire truck has the name “Logan” stenciled on the front near the bell. At first, I thought this was the manufacturer of the pedal car, but then I noticed Pottery Barn Kids has an option to stencil a child’s name on the fire truck. So now I think “Logan” might be a child’s name on this pedal car.

Anyway, that all being said, every child would love to pedal away the holidays in this play vehicle. Best of all, this retro fire truck looks to be in great shape.

Kobalt 2-Drawer Wood Work Bench

I initially thought this was some type of outdoor BBQ or restaurant equipment but the Kobal name gave it away.

The below photograph is of a Kobalt 3-Drawer Wood Work bench with a brushed finish.

It has an integrated peg board so you can hang your tools or store them in the below drawers.

ReStore,, Reston, VA

If you don’t work with wood or tools, one person used a Kobalt work bench in her kitchen.

I can see how the clean lines of the work bench would fit in with a modern kitchenThinking outside the box or bench in this case.

Christmas Tree Stands

There is a large selection of Christmas tree stands in this ReStore.

The ReStore shop also has an assortment of inexpensive artificial holiday trees, wreaths and decorations.

ReStore. Reston, VA

The photograph on the right, shows the variety of Christmas tree stands.

Antique Corner American Primitive Colonial China Cabinet

This vintage wooden corner storage cabinet is near the front of the ReStore.

I love a piece of furniture with known family history. According to Eric, the history of this corner storage cabinet goes back to the donor’s family grandparents.

ReStore, Reston
Vintage Corner Cabinet

The corner cabinet has one top door with 12 glass panes to it. The bottom has two doors which open in the center with wooden knobs.

I’m not sure of the age of this corner cabinet, although the glass in the upper door looked slightly wavy and had some imperfections to it telling me this piece is probably old. Wavy glass lines might indicate the glass was made in the 19th century.

ReStore, Reston, VA

If you closely, you can see some of the wavy glass lines and other imperfections.

ReStpre, Restons

The photograph on the right shows the old, worn-looking hardware.

This corner piece is tall and will store a lot of dishes or other items. The large four shelves are great to display treasures but remember it needs to a corner for proper placement.

Ingraham Company 8-Day Time & Strike Mantle Clock Case (?)

ReStore’s Vintage Ingraham Clock

I found the next item to be quite intriguing in a number of ways. I was initially drawn to its beauty. The golden columns on the black case reminds one of a Greek revival building.

Although I am not an antique expert in any way, but this clock reminds me of an E. Ingraham Company 8-Day Time & Strike Movement Mantle Clock. It also had some features of a Seth Thomas adamantine mantle clock, so it’s a bit of a mystery right now.

At some point it looks like it has been “reconditioned” and the original clock face was taken off.

In my opinion, the dial of the clock “does not match” the wooden body of the clock. I think at some point the clock broke and a different clock face was switched in. A genuine Ingraham clock has the “Ingraham” wording on the dial’s face. However, I did not see this.

I also think someone painted the gold on the columns and the four ornate feet of the clock’s case. To my eye, there should be more of a wear pattern on the columns which I am not seeing.

The side of the clock case is also decorated with two gold toned pull rings.

E. Ingraham Company Clock (?)

What’s Missing on ReStore’s Vintage Ingraham Clock?

When I look at the back of the clock, the back panel is missing, however, the inside workings of the clock look intact. I did not look to see if it was signed inside.

ReStore, Reston, VA

Since the back panel is missing there is some dust on the parts.

ReStore, Reston

Side decoration of vintage clock

Brief History of the E. Ingraham & Company

The E. Ingraham & Company was founded in 1860 in Bristol, Connecticut. Their watch and clock making stopped during World War II. In 1964 the company moved to a new smaller factory and made fuses which were more profitable than watches and clocks.

During its clock making phase, the Ingraham & Company was known for using a method of appling black enamel paint to wooden clock cases to mimic French marble. If you look closely at this clock, you will notice the faux green marble under the top part of the columns.

Starting in 1885, the company produced black Japanned cases for their clocks. Japanning is a type of black varnish finish that is the European imitation of East Asian lacquer work. Again, this clock case is painted with a black varnish finish.

Regardless to any changes made to the clock, it still is a beautiful vintage piece at a great price for use as a show stopping accent on a fireplace mantle or table. For the holiday season, it would look wonderful surrounded by greenery, pine cones, and candles.

I found a lot of information online for today’s blog and by viewing’s website.

Picnic Basket

If you ever go on a picnic, this picnic basket is a great item to take with you.

It consists of a set of four reusable plates, knives, spoons, forks, and cups in one convenient picnic basket. The picnic basket lining is a sunflower print fabric and the basket has room for sandwiches, fruit or other food items.

This picnic basket is near the front windows of the ReStore shop.

ReStore Reston
Picnic Basket

Ending Notes on ReStore’s Vintage Ingraham Clock Blog

As always, looking at the ReStore shop’s treasures is a treat and I encourage everyone to shop there during the holiday season.

All the above items are available for sale this week at the ReStore shop in the Herndon/Reston area.

We would love to hear from any antique clock expects on ReStore’s Vintage Ingraham Clock.

A Big Thank You to Eric for showing me the new pieces in the ReStore shop and pointing out some of the features. Also, thanks to Paul for allowing me to take photographs and blog about the ReStore shop.

ReStore shops are run by the Habitat for Humanity organization which helps provide shelter for those in need. Please support your local ReStore shop by giving cash/donations or by shopping there.

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