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After careful consideration, I’m entitling today’s blog Piano Tuner – Restore. It was my usual shopping trip to ReStore, when Eric, one the sales associates, told me to check out a large shipment of old estate furniture. The display was at the front of the store.

Upright Woodbury Boston Piano -Piano Turner – ReStore

Sure enough, one of the items up front is a Woodbury Boston Piano. Historic research reveals Woodbury pianos were made out a factory in Boston, Massachusetts from 1885 to 1924. In addition, the company was also associated with Jewett Piano Company.

Sometimes, there is a serial number under the hood that may help tell the age of the piano. However, this is something I didn’t check out.

Upright Woodbury Boston Piano, 5-11-2023

Piano Tuner – ReStore

What I find intriguing about this piano is the inside. Penciled in is the name W. N. Trinkhaus and the years 1928, 1929, 1931 and 1933. Because, if you look carefully, you will notice this on the below photograph.

However, my research indicates nothing is unusual about finding the initials of piano tuner on old pianos. Also, of note, is the piano tuner didn’t return after 1933, which was the era of the Great Depression. In thinking about it, there probably was not enough money to pay piano tuners after that last year.

Unfortunately, I’m not a musical person but online sites states pianos are tuned twice a year. After time, piano strings seems to affected by changes in temperatures.

Inside of Woodbury Boston Piano, 5-11-2023

Lenox Eternal Dimension Dish Collection

After that, the next item I looked at, is the Lenox Eternal Dimension dish collection. This dish set with a gold band is pure elegance and has been a classic for many years. The Eternal Dimension pattern was, also, a popular wedding pattern on gift registries. Lenox company was one of the first to have wedding gift registries.

Lenox uses calcined bone ash mixture to make the bone china which is stronger and more translucent than basic porcelain.

Producing Lenox bone china is a long, involved process from the clay making, mold making, glazing and decorating.

Lenox is responsible for the presidential china for Woodrow Wilson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and Bush. Also of note, is Lenox is used in some US embassies and governor mansions.

Then, in October 2020, Lenox was acquired by a private equity firm. The last US factory producing bone china was shut down in 2020 during the COVID pandemic. The US factory never reopened and the production was moved to overseas.

Lenox Eternal Dimension Dish Set, 5-19-2023

Really, this set looks in wonderful condition, obviously cherished by the previous owner and I notice no chips. I wonder what type of delicious meals were served on these fine plates.

Suggestion Box

Also, new since my last visit to ReStore is the Suggestion Box for customers to use.

The suggestion box is a large metal box on rollers with a clipboard to write out your suggestions. I guess you put your suggestion into the slit above the clipboard.

I really can’t think of any suggestions.

Everyone at this store does a great job and it’s a pleasure to shop there.

Plant Stand

The next item is this copper toned plant stand. It has a black metal base and two copper toned display areas. Looks like it was used for plants and some of the water dripped on the copper.

This black metal stands consists of two tiers.

Think how great it will look with plants or flowers growing on the two tiered areas.

Baking Ware

Lastly, if you look closely at this large selection of baking tins, pie tins, and cutting boards, you will notice a few Wilton Baking sheets.

They look in pretty good shape and everything is reasonably priced.

Things are nicely organized so you can find what you are looking for.

Ending Notes on Piano Tuner – Restore Blog

OK, so what I did buy? I purchased this very large and heavy red-brown glazed crock for my patio. I mentioned to Eric, that a certain someone used a shovel to remove a plant from my old planter. You guessed it, don’t use a shovel to take out plants or you break the planter. Sure enough, that’s what happened.

So, as I was shopping two shoppers made note of the large planter I was buying. One wanted to know if there was another one. No sorry, I got the only one. In chatting with Eric, apparently all the planters in the store sell out quickly.

Large Planter, ReStore 5-11-2023

In summing up, I enjoy shopping in ReStore and I know I’ll make good use of my new planter.

For your information, All items featured in today blog are available at the Herndon/Reston NOVA ReStore Shop.

A special thank you to the female ReStore associate who helped me get this heavy crock into my shopping cart and to Eric who helped me get it into the trunk of my car.

Also, thanks to Paul of the Herndon/Reston NOVA ReStore shop for allowing me to take photographs and to blog about this wonderful place for great bargains.

Happy Shopping at ReStore!

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